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Cruz argues that it should be in no way surprising that nineteenth-century Spanish liberal politics tended to be elitist, corrupt, personalistic and frequently dominated by clientage and patronage.
He has gradually become identified with liberal politics, and is noted for his support of various relief and rebuilding efforts in New Jersey and elsewhere, and for his response to the September 11 attacks, on which his album The Rising reflects.
Solomon; liberal politics, Jews, and the federal courts.
In the `80s, he conceded, his show found it difficult to secure appearances by conservative commentators, who found Donahue's liberal politics anathema.
Phillips (Princeton University Press) takes a careful look at the work of communitarian political philosophers Alasdair MacIntyre, Michael Sandel, Robert Bellah, and others, and writes a compelling defense of liberal politics and individual rights.
There are other areas where Feldman also hopes he can prevail over Waxman, who has served in Congress since 1974, but few political observers expect he'll make much of a dent in a district conspicuous for its affinity to liberal politics.
Brought to a notable climacteric in the career of Friedrich Daniel Bassermann (1811-55), the second-generation beneficiary of the family's unequivocal passage from the old-style burgher status into the new class identity of the bourgeoisie, who entered the leading circles of Baden liberal politics in the 1840s and joined the national political stage in 1848-49 before committing suicide amidst the post-revolutionary disappointments, the family's regional standing received further ratification in the later dominance in the National Liberal Party of Ernst Bassermann (1854-1917).
Instead, he was drawn to politics - Liberal politics in particular.
Riggio, who is 60, said he hoped to spend more time on other interests like liberal politics and modern art, and he extolled his brother's performance in many aspects of Barnes & Noble's business.
The problem they have is that Cameron has come across as a liberal," said Dr Russell Deacon, an expert in Liberal politics at University of Wales Institute Cardiff.
Pete Wilson vetoed its dues bill last October, saying the bar is bloated and involved in liberal politics.
The high flying businessman who lived his life at the forefront of industry but was also passionately concerned with the Liberal politics he learnt from his mother growing up in the Rhondda, passed away aged 84 on Wednesday.