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As Shklar reminds us, when these early liberal thinkers turned their attention to cruelty, as did Montaigne, Montesquieu, and later Beccaria and Bentham, they primarily had physical cruelty in mind.
On the other, he recognises the importance in this context of a liberal inheritance, and more specifically of liberal thinkers like L.
THERE IS NOTHING new about traditional, conservative values being challenged by younger generations of more liberal thinkers.
Whether we are liberal thinkers, conservative thinkers, neo-conservative thinkers, left-of-center, right-of-center, or squarely in the center, choice is paired with responsibility.
When it comes to the canon of significant liberal thinkers, John Stuart Mill ranks near (if not at) the top.
The core issues addressed are primarily academic arguments within Western pluralistic, democratic societies, with liberal thinkers pleading restraint and communitarian scholars urging a greater role for religion in public political debate.
Especially important were neo-Lamarckism and the creative evolutionism of Bergson, which offered liberal thinkers hope that evolution could be divested of materialistic implications.
While there are the more reformist liberal thinkers who will regard all these sentences as extremely substantial (some killers are released after serving less than half the supposedly average 20-year 'life' term), there are others who think the stipulated punishments are only just beginning to fit the crime, and that the minimum jail terms should be much longer.
Bai quotes an awful lot of smart politicians and liberal thinkers repeating the mantra that Democrats need a big new idea, but it's telling that not a single one of these smart people ever actually suggests one that's compelling.
Soho House, Handsworth, home of Matthew Boulton (right), played host to the Lunar Society, a group of liberal thinkers who were opposed to the slave trade.
Unfortunately, when other liberal thinkers have grappled with the relationship between liberty and other political values, they have sometimes come away from their attempts with a weaker commitment to liberty.
Again, we need to examine much more closely what modern liberal thinkers mean by "freedom of religious belief".