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"I was saying just now, before you came in, prince, that there has been nothing national up to now, about our liberalism, and nothing the liberals do, or have done, is in the least degree national.
At all events, no other has ever said or written a word about it; and in this fact is expressed the whole essence of Russian liberalism of the sort which I am now considering.
"In the first place, what is liberalism, speaking generally, but an attack (whether mistaken or reasonable, is quite another question) upon the existing order of things?
In science, development, thought, invention, ideals, aims, liberalism, judgment, experience and everything, everything, everything, we are still in the preparatory class at school.
Buyers of the Middlemarch newspapers found themselves in an anomalous position: during the agitation on the Catholic Question many had given up the "Pioneer"--which had a motto from Charles James Fox and was in the van of progress-- because it had taken Peel's side about the Papists, and had thus blotted its Liberalism with a toleration of Jesuitry and Baal; but they were ill-satisfied with the "Trumpet," which--since its blasts against Rome, and in the general flaccidity of the public mind (nobody knowing who would support whom)--had become feeble in its blowing.
After the Spanish campaign, the administration seemed to enter upon an era of tranquillity in which some good might be accomplished; and three months before the opening of our story a new reign had begun without any apparent opposition; for the liberalism of the Left had welcomed Charles X.
See also Walicki, Legal Philosophies of Russian Liberalism, chap.
Transformations and Crisis of Liberalism in Argentina, 1930-1955.
On the contrary, 'the road to the free market was opened and kept open by an enormous increase in centrally organised and controlled interventionism.' In Polanyi's account, the self-regulating market of the mid-nineteenth century was accompanied by a dramatic expansion of the administrative organs of the state, the philosophical rationale for which was supplied by a 'Benthamite liberalism' that saw government as the 'great agency' of human happiness, and laissez-faire itself as, to all intents and purposes, identical with the general welfare.
'Liberalism' is famously difficult to define in politics around the world.
Hitherto a doctrine of American celebration and optimism, liberalism would now become a scowling indictment: Kennedy was killed by America's social climate whose sickness required ''punitive liberalism.'' That phrase is from James Piereson of the Manhattan Institute, whose 2007 book ''Camelot and the Cultural Revolution: How the Assassination of John F.
The Making of Modern Liberalism. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2012.