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Though religious arguments set barriers against pushing through every kind of Western-liberal legislation, liberals notions and arguments triAckle down into mainstream discuAssions about policymaking on a relatively regular basis and can be seen on all levels of the education system, in media discussions, and framing of mainstream political discourse.
The Liberal Advocate News is a news site built by Democrats, Liberals and Independents for Democrats, Liberals and Independents.
The Alliance of Liberals and Democrats Europe (Alde) Party is deeply concerned about the arrest of the Liberal Party Sen.
The allegation that liberals and their ideas are inspired by outside forces and have no homegrown roots is probably the biggest challenge for liberals and liberalism in the Arab world today.
Let's look at it again and we will start to understand the recent disenchantment of liberals with the AK Party.
Modern Tories have good reason to look back fondly on events of 1912, but their Liberal Democrat partners might not feel the same way.
Since the formation of the Welsh National Council on October 7, 1887, the Welsh Liberals have been involved in many different coalitions.
In 1931 the National Liberal Party split from the Liberals in protest at the main Liberals supporting the second Labour Government and instead began co-operating with the Conservatives.
Just ten of the seventy-two elected Liberals had triumphed over Tory opposition.
Generally, liberals think we should get out of Iraq -- sooner rather than later.
When the liberals return to power, however, they will need to finish the job their predecessors started after the fall of the Berlin Wall.
Ottawa -- The Conservative government's move to cut $5 million from the $23-million-a-year Status of Women agency also has drawn condemnation from leftists, liberals and feminists, but praise from social conservatives and advocates of responsible government spending.