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LIBERTI, LIBERTINI. These two words were, at different times, made to express among the Romans, the condition of those who, having been slaves, had been made free. 1 Brown's Civ. Law, 99. There is some distinction between these words. By libertus, was understood the freedman, when considered in relation to his patron, who had bestowed liberty upon him and he was called libertinus, when considered in relation to the state he occupied in society since his manumission. Lec. El. Dr. Rom. Sec. 93.

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Stafflex has teamed up with The Liberti Group, which provides experts in commercial disciplines such as finance, sales and marketing, information technology and HR, who collaborate to add value to their clients' businesses.
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E Marco Scauro che presento la legge sulle spese e sul diritto di voto per i figli dei liberti, spiano la via Emilia, costrui il ponte Emilio non fu meno utile a Roma di Caio Mario, di cui molti hanno tramandato la storia e le gesta gloriose.
Many of the other authors like Pai M et al, (1) Patel A et al, (2) Liberti et al, (8) Bhalerao et al, (9) Magann et al, (10) Kartika Devrajan et al, (11) also suggested that central placenta is more common.
com)-- Liberti is a lifestyle brand that uses fashion as a platform to empower refugees living in America.
Liberti and Smith explore the discourses and representations surrounding the African-American track star Wilma Rudolph.
On June 20, 2012--World Refugee Day--Segre, Liberti, and their media organization ZaLab coordinated more than 100 concurrent public screenings of Closed Sea in more than 60 Italian cities and towns to draw attention to the plight of rejected refugees.
Charles Calomiris, Columbia University and NBER; Mauricio Larrain, Columbia University; and Jose Liberti and Jason Sturgess, DePaul University, "How Collateral Laws Shape Lending and Sectoral Activity"
Liberti "Basilar expansion of the human sphenoidal sinus: an integrated anatomical and computerized tomography study" Eur Radiol.