Liberty of the press

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LIBERTY OF THE PRESS. The right to print and publish the truth, from good motives, and for justifiable ends. 3 Johns. Cas. 394.
     2. This right is secured by the constitution of the United States. Amendments, art. 1. The abuse of the right is punished criminally, by indictment; civilly, by action. Vide Judge Cooper's Treatise on the Law of Libel, and the Liberty of the Press, passim; and article Libel.

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infringed the liberty of the press guaranteed by the Fourteenth
Give me but the liberty of the press and I will give
the liberty of the press, I will go forth to meet him undismayed.
Published only a year before Liberty of the Press and five years
error in Liberty of the Press and clearly defines the limits of
In fact, in Liberty of the Press, Locke justifies the imposition of

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