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n. a person given a license by government or under private agreement. (See: license, licensor)

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LICENSEE. One to whom a license has been given. 1 M. Q. & S. 699 n.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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One unusual characteristic of social media discussed by the NAIC and FINRA related to the differentiation of "static" and "interactive" content and a licensee's responsibility for content posted by third parties.
There are a number of cases where VPC claimed that the incident involved a licensee but the evidence that the shooter was a licensee is either weak, non-existent, or almost certainly wrong.
In 1988, Congress enacted Bankruptcy Code section 365(n) to reverse the Lubrizol Effect and to provide a non-debtor licensee of 'intellectual property' facing rejection the power to either (a) treat the license as terminated and receive a bankruptcy claim for its damages or (b) retain its license rights under certain conditions set forth in section 365(n).
Whether your franchise has a dedicated international training and support team or you are using existing resources from your home country franchisee support team, it has been found to be very important that the international licensee have a single person at the franchisor's headquarters to interface with for obtaining support from the franchisor's various departments.
Due to this anticipated change, the Board encourages licensees to review the e-mail addresses they have on file with the Board to ensure the addresses are accurate and suitable for public disclosure, if requested through an open records request.
In short: In California (and most other states), a licensee cannot do what Haven Beauty did and continue using the trademark without paying royalties.
The license should state where the licensee can use or distribute the product containing the licensed artwork.
Licensees have been providing this information on line by using the CBB's institutional information system, also referred to as the IIS.
San Diego, CA, April 10, 2015 --( Nu Flow Technologies Inc., a world-leading pipe lining manufacturer, installer and distributor has announced that Nu Flow Italia has added two new companies to their list of Licensees.
The licensee may also have to defend against civil liability for the injuries sustained, regardless of whether the injured person is the one that drank too much, or an innocent third person who was injured by the former customer.
The Station Manager and other appropriate staff of the Station will log all broadcasts of programming which, in the Licensee's judgment, constitutes public affairs and public service programming, broadcast by the Station.