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LIEU, place. In lieu of, instead, in the place of.

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Yes, I remember that no one was to have any of the ordinary possessions of mankind; they were to be warrior athletes and guardians, receiving from the other citizens, in lieu of annual payment, only their maintenance, and they were to take care of themselves and of the whole State.
It was evidently his intention to play with them,--a lesson, I took it, in lieu of a beating, though a dangerous lesson, for the frail craft stood in momentary danger of being overwhelmed.
Its floor was paved with stone and brick, as that of any other cellar might be; and in lieu of window framed and glazed it had a great black wooden flap or shutter, nearly breast high from the ground, which turned back in the day-time, admitting as much cold air as light, and very often more.
A blurred circle of yellow haze had risen up in the sky in lieu of sun, and he had watched the patch it put upon his wall, like a bit of the prison's raggedness.
Nobody accepting the challenge, and his pipe being by this time smoked out, he proceeded to amuse himself by sketching a ground-plan of Newgate on the table with the piece of chalk which had served him in lieu of counters; whistling, meantime, with peculiar shrillness.
Tulliver, still confident that he should gain his suit, and finding it eminently inconvenient to raise the said sum until that desirable issue had taken place, had rashly acceded to the demand that he should give a bill of sale on his household furniture and some other effects, as security in lieu of the bond.
He was not very long in doubt; for, while he was surveying it with that knowing look which people assume when they are contemplating for the first time portraits which they ought to recognise but don't, the dwarf threw down the newspaper from which he had been chanting the words already quoted, and seizing a rusty iron bar, which he used in lieu of poker, dealt the figure such a stroke on the nose that it rocked again.
Tenders are invited for Provision of limited height subways in lieu of unmanned level crossings in connection with elimination of unmanned level crossings (i) at km 293/2-3 in lieu of UM LC no.
Caniban, USN, (Gold Star in Lieu of Seventh Award), Fleet Outfitting Supply Assistance Team Lead and Senior Enlisted Advisor, Naval Supply Systems Command Weapon Systems Support, Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, February 2012 to April 2015.
In the current real estate and financing cycle, lenders across the country often issue notices of non-acceptance when faced with borrowers' attempts to hand over title to property in deeds in lieu of foreclosure.
Suite a une plainte du voisinagesur la transformation d'un logement, sis a la nouvelle-ville, en un lieu de debauche, les elements de la 4eSurete urbaine ont effectue une descente et procede a l'arrestation de quatorze personnes dont le proprietaire des lieux et une jeune fille.
Au final, le Produit Interieur Brut (PIB) s'est accru de 4% en volume au lieu de 2,9% la meme periode de l'annee 2012.