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LIEU, place. In lieu of, instead, in the place of.

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In lieu of buckles at his knees, he wore unequal loops of packthread; and in his grimy hands he held a knotted stick, the knob of which was carved into a rough likeness of his own vile face.
Wickham wrote to inform me that, having finally resolved against taking orders, he hoped I should not think it unreasonable for him to expect some more immediate pecuniary advantage, in lieu of the preferment, by which he could not be benefited.
Indoors she would go about without cap, her grey hair strangely dishevelled; then, when at home, she seldom wore a gown--only a shabby cotton camisole; shoes, too, were strangers to her feet, and in lieu of them she sported roomy slippers, trodden down at the heels.
Congressman Ted Lieu of California walked out in protest during a moment of silence Monday evening for the victims of Sunday's mass shooting at a church in Texas.
Blake, USMC, (Gold Star in lieu of Second Award), Director, Amphibious Expeditionary Hull Mechanical and Electrical Directorate, NAVSUP Weapon Systems Support, Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, July 2013 to Jan.
14: au lieu de << Mechakra-Tahiri Djemaa-Samia >>, lire <<Samia Djemaa Mechakra-Tahiri >>;
Tenders are invited for Provision of limited height subways in lieu of unmanned level crossings in connection with elimination of unmanned level crossings (i) at km 293/2-3 in lieu of UM LC no.
In the current real estate and financing cycle, lenders across the country often issue notices of non-acceptance when faced with borrowers' attempts to hand over title to property in deeds in lieu of foreclosure.
Au final, le Produit Interieur Brut (PIB) s'est accru de 4% en volume au lieu de 2,9% la meme periode de l'annee 2012.
NHS Northern Ireland has determined that the Jubilee Bank Holiday will be treated as a full public holiday with staff who are required to work receiving enhanced rates of pay and a day off in lieu.
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