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LIEUTENANT. This word has now a narrower meaning than it formerly had; its true meaning is a deputy, a substitute, from the French lieu, (place or post) and tenant (holder). Among civil officers we have lieutenant governors, who in certain cases perform the duties of governors; (vide, the names of the several states,) lieutenants of police, &c. Among military men, lieutenant general was formerly the title of a commanding general, but now it signifies the degree above major general. Lieutenant colonel, is the officer between the colonel and the major. Lieutenant simply signifies the officer next below a captain. In the navy, a lieutenant is the second officer next in command to the captain of a ship.

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And it will always work hard to help in achieving just and comprehensive peace in the region according to the relevant international legitimacy resolutions," added Lieut.
On June 16th, after nearly five months devoted service at the front, Lieut.
This may significantly increase program risk, delay completion of research investigations and increase total program costs, according to Lieut.
Starting off the series of events will be an exhibit and lecture at the Charleston Museum on the life of 1st Lieut.
KUWAIT, Nov 11 (KUNA) -- His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak Al-Hamad Al-Sabah on Tuesday received the new army chief of staff, Lieut.