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LIFE ANNUITY. An annual income to be paid during the continuance of a particular life.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The reverse life annuity for an insured aged [xi] years at agreement is defined so that the insured receives [$P.sub.[xi]] yearly (continuously, or approximately equal to 1/12 monthly) from the agreement date to death, and the insurer receives a lump sum of [$S.sub.[xi]] at death.
Again, an annuity with this type of guarantee will produce smaller checks than a straight life annuity because the insurer has more risk.
Natural hedging has the potential to not only support existing life insurance business and product markets but to also increase the life annuity product market through more efficient use of capital and more effective pricing.
and the actuarial present value of n-year temporary life annuity for the annuitant (x) is
If an annuitant dies before having recovered the full amount guaranteed under a refund or period-certain life annuity, the balance of the guaranteed amount is not taxable income to the refund beneficiary--until the total amount received tax-free by the annuitant plus the total amount received tax-free by the beneficiary equals the investment in the contract.
A QLAC may also provide a life annuity to a spouse who is the sole beneficiary of a participant who dies before his or her annuity starting date.
The first product launched in the Asia Pacific market was a joint life annuity product for couples, the first of its kind, the bank said.
First, if it is a life annuity, the shorter the life expectancy, the larger the payment.
By investigating whether retirees from the Oregon Public Employees Retirement System (PERS) choose a lump sum or a life annuity, the authors of the study debunked conventional wisdom that there is low demand for life annuities.
But the majority will sign up to a single life annuity, which is only paid to them and stops paying out when they die.
When you die, payments stop, unless you have chosen a joint life annuity or a guaranteed payment period ?
Single Life Annuity for life - A fixed amount, guaranteed at the policy inception, will be paid to the annuitant throughout his/her life

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