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The second of the life hacks I learned then is: Stay hungry.
Magic man Ben Hart has appeared on TV in Now You See It, Life Hacks Hoax and Killer Magic.
TEHRAN (FNA)- There's plenty to like about iOS 10 - assuming that it didn't brick your iPhone or iPad - but you probably didn't know that Apple has quietly killed off one of the neatest - and least-known - battery life hacks.
From concealing tattoos to making your perfume last longer, these beauty life hacks will amaze you and save you time and money.
Examples of life hacks include: 1) To stop receiving unwanted marketing email, filter by the word "unsubscribe.
Clippy is what developers imagine users want but it contributes to the feeling of losing control," says O'Brien, whose forthcoming book on productivity, co-written with Mann, is entitled Life Hacks (the term he coined for the little improvements that streamline personal efficiency).