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The sacrotuberous ligament is intimately associated with a variety of ligaments and muscles.
It will depend how much strain you put on your knee, (football, manual work, gardening and so on) as to whether you need the extra support of an intact ligament and would therefore consider surgery.
But word reaches us of a particularly strange way to sustain ligament damage.
Devices such as the Arthrex Tightrope, which consists of a round button, an oblong button, and #5 high-strength solid core suture materials, are designed to stabilize the AC joint by reconstructing the CC ligaments with non-rigid fixation.
It could have been his cruciate ligament and that would have been the end of the season for him.
In the flashing case, the drop size similar to the results from the drop size measurements would be achieved by multiplying the diameter of the ligament by 1.
Estrogen receptors on the ACL may cause the ligament to become more lax (and therefore more injury-prone) during menstruation.
One afternoon of racing toward the goal in flat-soled soccer shoes--which put added pressure on your ligaments because of the way the shoes flex your feet--can cause severe injury to a taut Achilles tendon.
GLOUCESTER'S South African World Cup star Thinus Delport is out for the season after suffering serious knee ligament damage.
COVENTRY physios say Gary McAllister's ankle ligament damage is not career or even season-threatening.
There is also prophylactic value in uterosacral ligament plication, which is essentially the McCall culdeplasty technique, only done from above instead of vaginally
THE magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) appearance of normal and injured cruciate ligaments has been well described in the literature.