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I remember going about the business with light-hearted, clear-headed recklessness which, according as its decisions were sudden or considered, made Dominic draw his breath through his clenched teeth, or look hard at me before he gave me either a slight nod of assent or a sarcastic "Oh, certainly" - just as the humour of the moment prompted him.
Two childish voices laughed merrily at this action, and Dorothy was sure they were in no danger among such light-hearted folks, even if those folks couldn't be seen.
Even the most monstrous of the creatures there assembled smiled innocently and seemed light-hearted and content merely to be alive.
In Italy, among the lake s and mountains, happy in the company of her light-hearted friend.
Actor Bhuvan Arora says Bank Chor is a light-hearted movie, but has a hidden message as well.
A cast of eight professional actors will immerse audiences in the spirit of the Medieval age, with knights in shining armour and fair maidens guiding diners through light-hearted games.
According the New York Post, the female streaker reportedly rushed into the field at Luigi Ferraris stadium, wearing nothing but a bikini and an oversized Sampdoria flag, to bring a light-hearted moment for the otherwise depressed home fans.
The BBC2 show's executive producer said: "When we used the word slope in the recent Top Gear Burma Special, it was a light-hearted wordplay joke referencing both the build quality of the bridge and the local Asian man who was crossing it.
They were meant to be a light-hearted remark after what he reports to me was a very light-hearted introduction.
Celebration time: The Stonnall Players in their light-hearted show, Sixty Not Out
Summary: Ed Miliband and David Cameron have had a light-hearted clash in the Commons over revelations the PM signs off text messages with "LOL".
Heavy guitars, pounding drums and pleasantly screechy vocals hammer home a sound that has been forgotten by many other British bands in favour of light-hearted airy rock-pop or electro-inspired beats.