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LIGHTS. Those openings in a wall which are made rather for the admission of light, than to look out of. 6 Moore, C. B. 47; 9 Bing. R. 305; 1 Lev. 122; Civ. Code of Lo. art. 711. See Ancient Lights; Windows.

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Cooper Lighting Expands Galaxy LED Line of Exterior Lights II-73
In Jennifer Tipton's hands, light is a living thing.
Each morning, a special lamp delivers a half-hour of intense fluorescent light as she eats breakfast or reads.
It is a light, a special, magical light; and when she gave it to him, she said, "May it be a light to you in dark places when all other lights have gone out" (Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring [New York: Ballan-tine, 1954], 423.
Halogen lights produce a blue light by passing current through tungsten filament in a quartz bulb that contains halogen gas.
Depending on your needs, you can buy rechargeable solar yard lights at your favorite home improvement center or have a system installed that can cost several thousand dollars.
As technology advances, I can envision the day when lights will not be hardwired to switches, thus allowing greater flexibility in locating switches to suit different users' preferences.
Many local utilities offer subsidized CFL lights to consumers.
Now, the entertainment industry has harnessed the power of lasers as never before, using light to scan compact discs, rev up planetarium shows and concerts with eye-boggling images, and enthrall audiences with movie special effects.
Mike Bauer, President and Chief Executive Officer of Super Vision, stated, "SaVi[TM]LED is a new comprehensive line of energy efficient, high output, white light LED products the company will be introducing to the commercial lighting market in January.
Some members of that community have urged her group to extend the technology to build lights into other objects and make warming blankets for infants.
You need not space ceiling lights evenly over the kitchen ceiling - you can group them to focus more light on particular task areas, according to Philips Lighting's Goldmacher.