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9 REMOVE LIMESCALE on taps by soaking a soft cloth in vinegar and wrapping it around the badly affected area, securing it with an elastic band.
Limescale build up is a particular problem in areas with hard water and mean appliances such as kettles need regular cleaning.
It also offers a 50 year design life as well as reduced installation costs resulting from a fast, solvent-weld jointing procedure and low maintenance costs due to corrosion and limescale resistance.
As well as producing premium water quality, Lincat's unique filter cartridges reduce the damaging build-up of limescale, which can seriously damage performance over time.
The brand's established 24HR Bleach and Zero Limescale Remover have also been revamped and brought under the new banner.
Limescale on ceramic sink, lavatory pan, enamel bath: "Take a dampened pumice stone and rub, rub, rub," Aggie says.
The man who comes to get the limescale out of the jet nozzles in the jacuzzi bath?
ClearWater Enviro Technologies has developed the Scaleblaster SB 300 to eliminate the formation of limescale deposits ill water pipes, faucets, cooling towers, boilers, injection molding, heating elements and more without the need of water softening equipment, salts, chemicals or maintenance.
Company offers a complete water processing system for the medical field that features a multi-stage Reverse Osmosis System and ScaleBlaster, a device that eliminates formation of limescale deposits in pipes, cooling towers, boilers, and medical equipment without salt, chemicals, or water softening equipment.
BRITA Water Filters has launched a stunning new water filter jug, Fjord Select, which removes impurities such as limescale and chlorine.
2-liter water tank allows for two hours of continuous steam and normal tap water can be used because the stainless-steel boiler is specially coated to inhibit limescale accumulation.
Benckiser sells its products in more than 45 countries around the world under leading brand names as Calgon Water Softeners, Vanish Laundry additives, and Cillit and Lime-A-Way Limescale Cleaners.