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It is also observed that selecting an ionic emission line of europium more is beneficial than the neutral emission line for calibration and calculating the limit of detection.
This optimization was first introduced in 2012 with lots 167345 (TnT hs 18 min assay) and 167650 (TnT hs STAT assay) to ensure that the low-end recovery was similar to that of the original MCE, in which 57% of the samples from the healthy population had measured values [greater than or equal to] 3 ng/L (limit of the blank) and 32% had values [greater than or equal to] 5 ng/L, the limit of detection.
Sensitivity is sometimes used to refer to the limit of detection, but this use is not generally approved.
Because of the combined need to both quantitate the viral load (when possible) and yet have the lowest possible reliable limit of detection, (15-24) physicians nearly always request both quantitative and qualitative hepatitis C tests.
There is also a helpful chapter on the determination of the limit of detection and the limit of determination of a given method.
Free BPA was below the limit of detection in all 320 blood samples analyzed by the CDC lab, even for samples with detectable total BPA.
Since the award of the Phase I grant, the program has focused on lowering the limit of detection of the Daktari HCV test.
The instrument must be able analyse drinking water down to the required limit of detection while still meeting the accuracy and precision targets required for this analysis.
However, if the amount of biomarker is too small, the fluorescent light is too faint to be detected, setting the limit of detection.
Bile acids, globulins, and sodium concentrations were below the limit of detection in all diluted samples and were not statistically analyzed.
BrdU incorporation was highly correlated with the concentration of SEA and can detect 20 picograms per ml of SEA, a limit of detection far lower than that reported for most assays.