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Using NBA, the limit of detection of DNA was estimated to be about 20 ng, which is sensitive enough for most school investigations.
There are many approaches used to calculate the limit of detection; therefore, the laboratory should define its approach for determining a limit of detection.
5(a) (the peak counting rate was taken at a deadtime of 20 %), and estimating a = 1, the values in Table 3 are predicted for concentration limit of detection, [C.
We established a protocol for the testing of HCV-infected individuals; this protocol's initial analysis was a quantitative reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) HCV determination, and only when this test's result was below the limit of detection was the qualitative RT-PCR assay performed.
Confidence intervals for the precision profile, limits of quantification, and limit of detection are based on the 95% confidence interval limits for pooled standard deviation.
This database features not only wavelengths but also ionization level, line width, limit of detection and dynamic range of each line, providing data that allows the combination of single-element spectra to mimic real-life samples.
The lower limit of detection was calculated from the signal of the dilutions containing no particles (plus 3 SD).
This technique utilizes X-ray optics to provide analyzers with a limit of detection (LOD) at 0.
We have since acquired technology that allowed us to measure AM with a similar limit of detection while including confirmation ions.
To examine the effect of the serum matrix on the lower limit of detection for TNF[alpha], we also used recombinant human TNF[alpha] diluted 1:1 with the serum from a healthy donor in the experiment.