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In the positioning stage, the driving motor makes the arm back to the zero position, and then begins to decline from the initial position, stops on the designated location by positioning limit switch count; in the reset stage, the driving motor reverse to make the arm rise until it encounters the limit switch.
In the latter configuration, a height limit switch enables the mixer to operate from the fully down position to a safe raised height.
The unit derives its signal to function from the press opening sequence either through the full open limit switch which exists in the press or through an optical sensor supplied with the unit.
Designed to protect rotating machine components and machines from damage or destruction resulting from jam or overload conditions, the type BD ball detent torque limiters easily adjust for these conditions, quickly disengaging mechanically at a preset value and tripping a signaling device, such as a limit switch.
The shot control velocity profile can be programmed in up to six separate motion blocks, and four electronic limit switch settings are available for initiating vacuum, start of intensification and follow through.