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The right to vote at public elections.


noun affranchisement, autonomy, choice, emancipation, enfranchisement, exemption from connrol, exemption from restraint, franchise, freedom, freeeom of choice, liberation, liberty, license, manumission, option, popular decision, prerogative, right to vote, say, self-determination, self-government, suffragium, voice, vote
Associated concepts: election law, voters' rights
See also: discretion, franchise

SUFFRAGE, government. Vote; the act of voting.
     2. The right of suffrage is given by the constitution of the United States, art. 1, s. 2, to the electors in each state, as shall have the qualifications requisite for electors of the most numerous branch of the state legislature. Vide 2 Story on the Const. Sec. 578, et seq.; Amer. Citiz. 201; 1 Bl. Com. 171; 2 Wils. Lect. 130; Montesq. Esp. des Lois, Ii v. 11, c. 6; 1 Tucker's Bl. Com. App. 52, 3. See Division of opinion.

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In some forms, limited suffrage would grant women the right to vote in school and/or municipal elections, while in other forms it would grant only taxpaying women the right to vote.
Hopkins advocated limited suffrage on issues concerning a woman's personal and property rights, children, and public school but rejected full suffrage, in part because she feared that black women's moral authority, an authority continually attacked in popular racist texts, would be compromised by the vagaries of political life:
The explanation for the success of the pre-World War I gold standard, according to Eichengreen, was limited suffrage and the weakness of labor unions and of labor-oriented political parties.

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