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DRIVER. One employed in conducting a coach, carriage, wagon, or other vehicle, with horses, mules, or other animals.
     2. Frequent accidents occur in consequence of the neglect or want of skill of drivers of public stage coaches, for which the employers are responsible.
     3. The law requires that a driver should possess reasonable skill and be of good habits for the journey; if, therefore, he is not acquainted with the road he undertakes to drive; 3 Bingh. Rep. 314, 321; drives with reins so loose that he cannot govern his horses; 2 Esp. R. 533; does not give notice of any serious danger on the road; 1 Camp. R. 67; takes the wrong side of the road; 4 Esp. R. 273; incautiously comes in collision with another carriage; 1 Stark. R. 423; 1 Campb. R. 167; or does not exercise a sound and reasonable discretion in travelling on the road, to avoid dangers and difficulties, and any accident happens by which any passenger is injured, both the driver and his employers will be responsible. 2 Stark. R. 37; 3 Engl. C. L. Rep. 233; 2 Esp. R. 533; 11. Mass. 57; 6 T. R. 659; 1 East, R. 106; 4 B. & A. 590; 6 Eng. C. L. R. 528; 2 Mc Lean, R. 157. Vide Common carriers Negligence; Quasi Offence.

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The TLD4012 is an ADSL line driver that provides the industry's lowest power consumption, low distortion as well as high through-put in a very small package due to Tripath's proprietary Digital Power Processing (DPP(R)) Technology.
The single-chip AFE and line driver is packaged in a 48-pin exposed thin quad flat pack (ETQFP), and the digital portion of the solution including digital signal processing (DSP) and controller functionality is packaged in a 17mm x 17mm chip-array ball grid array (CABGA).
Existing users of the standard TTL voltage output AMT the option of a line driver output.
Microsemi has entered a partnership with STMicroelectronics on a new electric vehicle car charger solution that uses the former's innovative PLC line driver.