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Extra line spacing can enhance the readability of both wide and narrow columns.
Design, supply of materials, manufacture, test and delivery of three plane variable line spacing gratings for the Diamond Beamline I21 RIXS (Resonant Inelastic soft X-ray Scattering).
The on-going IP and magnetic surveys which are particularly detailed are being undertaken on a line spacing of only 100 metres which will greatly assist in the accurate selection of drill targets.
The survey will consist of approximately 6,500 line kilometres of high resolution magnetics at 50 metre line spacing and is expected to commence prior to mid-March.
5-foot-wide video display with 4 millimeter line spacing in the center and is surrounded ProPixelA Stick elements above and on both sides, completing the video showcase.
This survey was flown with 200m flight line spacing, with average ground clearance of 125 m and with North-South flights lines.