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The obtained values of linear correlation coefficients between the data of Kaunas Meteorological Station and other countries can be adopted to define the total ozone amount during those periods when the measurements of the total ozone amount were not performed above Lithuania or the obtained results of the measurements are inaccurate.
First, we analyze the behavior of the IR as a function of [rho] (the linear correlation coefficient), by applying an additive variation on [[?
There might be some countries, where there are no purely linear correlations between economic growth and C[O.
The results show that among analysed indices including CPI inflation, the 'out-of-pocket' expenditure price index reveals the highest linear correlation with consumers' inflation perception for all but one survey balance statistic derived on the basis of qualitative responses to the GfK Polonia survey question on inflation perception, namely for [BS.
The pattern of the relationship between mouth opening and length of time with the disease according to the groups was investigated by estimating Pearson's linear correlation coefficient, as observed in dispersion plots.
The highest linear correlation is obtained between the second wave-like mode of 20-hPa geopotential and the planetary wave activity penetrating the stratosphere from the troposphere for warm-ENSO winters.
Since M300% was shown to have a good linear correlation with the crosslink density as expressed by (MH-ML), M300% is used in yet another approach to correlate the additional crosslinking as a result of aging with the compound formulation.
There appeared to be a significant linear correlation between preheating steam pressure and mold growth (Table 3).
P-wave velocity show linear correlation between the UCS in both dry and wet condition (Fig.
In addition to the speed and simplicity of Guava ViaCount Flex, results from ViaCount Flex assays show good correspondence and linear correlation to the current standard cell counting method, trypan blue hemacytometer counting, over a broad range of cell densities and culture conditions," said Dr.
A linear correlation was found between flux and conductivity for leachate from both the conventional landfill and the biodegradable waste cell.
She and Greenberg don't expect a linear correlation.

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