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Figure 7a demonstrates a linear correlation between the probe fluorescence ratio ([I.
When treated with cryptotanshinone alone, there was good linear correlation between cryptotanshinone absorption and incubation time (shown in Fig.
Moreover, the linear correlation coefficient between E/R and A is greater than 0.
The seasonal variations of TOA during 1999-2001 were examined and linear correlation coefficients were defined without using data of that period, when the TOA estimated in Lithuania was significantly different from the data of neighbouring countries.
We found a very nice linear correlation between titanium and samarium or gadolinium," she said.
A linear correlation was observed by the scientists when predicting the square root of the growth rate vs.
The topics covered are the expected ones for an introductory course, such as probability, sample variability, statistical inferences involving one and two populations, applications of chi-square, linear correlation and regression analysis, and non-parametric statistics.
Tests for linear correlation were performed between means of Si content in plant tissue, Si content in soil, disease severity (brown spot and leaf blast) and disease incidence (panicle blast).
10 mm downward, latter ratio R changes keeping linear correlation to angle and until punch reaches its maximum downward point (14 mm).
935) confirms the existence of a high intensity linear correlation between the two variables.
The most widely used type of correlation co efficient is Pearson also called linear correlation.

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