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In the MCDM literature (see the literature review section), the following linear program is commonly used to test the potential optimality of alternative [x.
Thus we cannot apply the column rule of linear program to this transformed linear program.
On the uniqueness of solutions to linear programs, Journal of the Operational Research Society, 53, 1127-1132.
A computationally stable solution algorithm for large-scale linear programs.
Section 6: More Examples of Stochastic Linear Programs, discusses some examples where mathematical programming has been utilized to match cash inflow and liabilities of complicated real-world situations.
Finally, in Appendix A, we demonstrate an integrality gap of D for a linear programming formulation stronger than that used for parallel disk systems and, in Appendix B, that if no extra memory locations are allowed, then the integrality gap of our linear program can be arbitrarily large.
We now show how to develop the moral-hazard program with lotteries as a linear program.
Note that the linear program guarantees the diameter of every subset U [subset or equal to] V by introducing an "averaging" constraint.
Erlander, Entropy in Linear programs, mathematical programming, 1979, pp.

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