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The court found that the failure of hospital employees to allow third-floor patients to freely enter and leave an unlocked room without supervision, to have access to the linen closet, and to be without supervision long enough to take sheets out of the linen closet, make a rope out of the sheets, pry open a window in a supposedly "off-limits" conference room, and change into street clothes, all in close proximity to the nurses' station evidence a failure to properly monitor the patients.
This first-floor wing includes the three-car garage, mud area, linen closet, powder room, guest room, bath and gym.
On the ground floor, as well as the Drumoak kitchen with its Bosch oven, AEG hob and dishwasher, there is a boot room and linen closet, a pantry with a Neff hob and a larder, a utility room, office and study, a wine cellar, a cloakroom, two WCs - and a billiard room.
Honestly, it was so bad at one point I thought Boris Becker was about to advise that 77 seconds is the optimum time for sexual relations in a restaurant linen closet.
During one of the family's first games, Skyla became trapped in the linen closet.
The separate entrance hallway leads to two well-proportioned bedrooms and a spacious bathroom complete with chrome finish taps, sleek white sanitaryware and a separate linen closet.
Sometimes it's a tree house, sometimes a shadowy nook in the linen closet.
Someone had let the castle dogs inside, and they were happily tearing apart the linen closet, playing tug-of-war with the sheets.
The mix exhibits a growing interest in private brands, including Jubilee, Mainstays, Linen Closet, Home Trends and No Boundaries.
Plenty of closet room, including a linen closet, a mop and broom closet, and a place for rubbers, umbrellas and rough family clothing.
Management can assess laundry utilization and eliminate the guesswork associated with linen closet inventories, as well as create programs to enhance the guest experience.