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If only I had bothered to take a deeper look at myself or my linen closet sooner, as I would urge mothers and homemakers, young and old in similar situations, to do.
Through the tracks on the ceiling and the wheels at the bottom, a wall can be moved to reveal a linen closet, which in turn can be moved to reveal a bath tub and a pull down guest bed from above.
I have a lot of closets, a big linen closet, and I need that space," she says.
This will free up space in your linen closet, and you will always be ready for guests.
1784, in the Adams' house--and unfortunately, in a linen closet.
If the linen closet doesn't look like it could be photographed for a Neiman Marcus catalog, you need help.
Although she did not find the fortune of her fantasy, Duncan found a $50,000 certificate of deposit in the laundry basket and jewelry between the sheets in the linen closet.
You'd be surprised at the cool fabrics you can find in your own linen closet or scrap fabric bins at stores.
Technically, they were not actually in the house, but they were close enough I had reason to believe they soon would be painting the master bedroom and rearranging towels in the linen closet.
The mutilated body of a prostitute is discovered in a linen closet in Buckingham Palace.
Baiamonte converted the linen closet to a coat closet, using hooks because the enclosure was too shallow to accommodate hangers.
Ben is chosen as the test subject and is invited to enter the world of ideas through his linen closet.