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The determination of economic capital and the allocation of capital to lines of business is an important part of the financial and risk management of an insurance company.
Commenting on the launch, Michael Kelly, CEO, FINEOS, said: "The market has finally realised again that software solutions should be developed and delivered to suit specific vertical lines of business.
Business-centric SRM is achieved by providing information, through monitoring and reporting, to manage storage utilization, availability and performance for particular lines of business or applications.
If the SLOB criteria are met, however, these tests are applied separately to each of the employer's qualified separate lines of business instead of to the employer as a single entity.
414(r) relating to qualified separate lines of business (QSLOBs).
TEI's Employee Benefits Subcommittee took the lead in developing the Institute's June 13 comments on the IRS's proposed regulations under section 414(r) relating to qualified separate lines of business (QSLOB).
Success in today's insurance market requires a company to stay flexible enough to move quickly into lines of business it thinks will be profitable, and it must be nimble enough to exit quickly from lines that no longer offer reasonable returns.
An employee who maintains accounting records for an employer's three lines of business may receive qualified employee discounts in all three.