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These features would enable a universal computational system to operate in the parsing of linguistic utterances and the very ability to conduct a basic parsing would promote the progressive specification of the formal features of the lexicon, given the assumption that as soon as naming starts to be recognized, children take linguistic utterances to refer to entities and events (Correa, 2009).
All linguistic utterances of the child and all those directed toward her during lunchtime were therefore re-transcribed using the conventions of the Systematic Analysis of Language Transcripts (SALT; Miller & Chapman, 1984).
Linguistic utterances are seen as meaningful not only by virtue of prompting appropriate categorizations, but also as tools in managing construals across different discourse participants.
One way of beginning a review of some of the very early steps to be made in any pursuit of a theory of meaning is to distinguish between physical situations and linguistic utterances.
To quote: "Adler thinks expressive theories of law and morality are concerned only with linguistic utterances or their equivalents.