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Soldiers have a personal responsibility, NCOs are responsible for sharing their institutional knowledge by teaching, coaching and mentoring linguists, commanders are responsible for facilitating training, providing resources and enforcing disciplinary standards, and CLPMs are responsible for managing language resources.
The combination of Caspian Global's linguistic expertise and Buller Group's extensive linguist recruiting experience, equips our clients with a formidable, global language training and recruitment solution.
Many traditional linguists view Atkinson's analysis as a strange, wayward statistical creature.
For the purpose, the linguists had created a family tree for 2200 languages, living and dead at the Santa Fe Institute in New Mexico.
On the day there will be workshops and seminars given by chartered linguists, as well as networking and socialising opportunities.
Reading that peroration, linguists are likely to remain suspicious--discursive context is everything, after all.
One such disguised fact is presented toward the end of a heated discussion about grant proposals between the American professor and the Australian linguist, in which the latter frustratingly admonishes the former for not being a better man.
These Nisei linguists combined the best of both sides of their heritage, calling themselves "Yankee Samurai.
Linguists hired by MI5 earn will earn pounds 22,750 a year but need to apply within the next 10 days.
This book fills a hole in Australian Military History being the first and potentially only study of the reaction of Australia to the need for Japanese linguists both pre and during World War 2.
Dialect will be among the many socio-linguistic topics to be discussed at the conference on language in society, which will be attended by 400 of the world's leading linguists.
2) Linguists emphasize the importance of studying the words of narratives, trusting the text, and being open to what the words may reveal.