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The company noted that its support of the Mainline Linux kernel will enable customers developing its Sitara processors to continuously access the latest devices, features and bug fixes.
The MicroRead Linux kernel driver is host controller interface (HCI)-based and supports two physical interfaces I2C and the Intel Management Engine Interface (Intel MEI).
3 is that Android features are again part the Linux kernel, after the two camps had a falling out a few years ago.
Part of the reason for this new version bump is that this year is the 20th anniversary of the Linux kernel, making it as opportune a time as any to do something that brings only a superficial change.
Recent releases of the Linux kernel have been of 2.
The TAB members will be elected by Linux Kernel Summit attendees each July in Ottawa, Canada.
For example, developers can experiment with new Linux kernels or distributions and ease Linux kernel debugging, all without risking the BlueCat Linux host system.
Linus Torvalds and his team of Linux kernel developers are only weeks or days from announcing version 2.
Following an overview of the design, implementation, and interfaces of the Linux kernel, a senior kernel engineer/open source hacker provides updated theoretical and applied coverage of the major features and subsystems of the current Linux 2.
Coverity, a software engineering company focused on developing a better way to build software, recently announced results on Linux security compiled over four years of source code analysis of the Linux kernel.

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