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MHC class IIpeptide complexes and APC lipid rafts accumulate at the immunological synapse.
Ethanol induces oxidative stress in primary rat hepatocytes through the early involvement of lipid raft clustering.
Lipid rafts are microdomains within a cellular membrane that possess decreased fluidity due to the presence of cholesterol, glycolipids, and phospholipids containing longer fatty acids (Karp, 2005).
This notion is supported by the finding that addition of DIM21 to neural progenitor cells prepared from fetal mouse telencephalon causes the recruitment of EGF receptors into lipid rafts, leading to the activation of EGF receptors.
Results: We found that PA infection of alveolar epithelial type II (AEC II) cells triggered TLR2 mediated Lyn activation within lipid raft domains.
We found that PEG 15-20 achieved its protective effects in part by associating with lipid rafts in the epithelial cell membrane and preventing their coalescence and fusion, thus interfering with cell signaling pathways and limiting cell death by apoptosis, as well as promoting healing.
Cytokine Signaling, Lipid Raft Clustering, and HSC Hibernation by Satoshi Yamazaki and Atsushi Iwama and Yohei Morita and Koji Eto and Hideo Ema and Hiromitsu Nakauchi
Ross Johnson, chairman of the board and director of Biokeys Pharmaceuticals, and former CEO of Trimeris (NASDAQ:TRMS) which is developing viral entry inhibitor Fuzeon(TM), commented that "We believe that the mode of action of BlockAide/CR, which inhibits HIV interaction with GSL in the lipid raft on immune system cells, could be broad in its application to HIV therapy.
Lipid Sciences' technology holds the promise of eliminating the use of the lipid raft mechanism by the virus thereby activating an immune response.
The subject of the public contract will be used for the development of vaccines, Diagnostics and teranosities, Including on the basis of targeted nanoparticles, In the study of lipid membranes and lipid rafts.
C] is a highly conserved glycoprotein localized in membrane lipid rafts and anchored to the cell surface by glycosylphpsphatidylinositol (GPI) (28, 29) Pr[P.
The mechanisms responsible for the targeting of CD1 molecules from the lysosome to the plasma membrane are not well understood, but it is known that localization of these molecules in lipid rafts improves antigen presentation [39].