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You will find a few notes upon the matter under the heading B in my indexed list of cases.
The DRAP CEO is directed to provide the list of cases pending against it in the Sindh High Court.
The NBU extends the list of cases when businesses can repay early the foreign currency loans obtained by residents from nonresidents.
The volume includes a list of cases referenced throughout the text, as well as a standard index.
The deal comes amid a lengthening list of cases of tax evasion by high-profile players such as Real Madrid striker Cristiano Ronaldo and Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho, whose charges date back to when he coached Real Madrid.
It appeared that from the list of cases submitted to Commissioner Dulay, many tax examiners failed to terminate their investigation/verification and report their tax cases within the prescribed period of one hundred eighty (180) days.
A full list of cases and names of those pardoned is yet to be released.
Critique: Enhanced with the inclusion of thirty pages of Notes; a three page list of References; a one page list of Cases Cited; and a twenty-three page Index, this is an impressively researched, written, organized and presented history of the Alaskan Native American human and political rights movement.
Topics include registering to electronically file cases, filing documents to existing cases, opening a new case, managing e-service lists, seeing the list of cases filed by you or your law firm, updates made to the portal, how to request help from portal staff, what it means when a filing is in the pending queue, paying fees and making payments through the portal, checking the status of cases, and many other topics.
McIntyre recently met with selectmen and said the town has an active list of cases making their way through the Land Court process.
The four- term former RJD MP, who is lodged in Siwan jail fighting a slew of criminal cases, claims that he does not have enough money to hire a lawyer and, therefore, wants the Bihar government to provide him free legal aid for his long list of cases.
It was pointed out in the notice that a list of cases was also provided to DCO's focal person Syed Munawar Bukhari to expedite submission of reports but he failed.

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