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6) This ethical commitment to literalist hermeneutics unites the new atheists with their ostensible opposites.
For example, Vishanoff mentions and implicitly accepts the literalist al-Nazzam's (d.
It should have been no surprise, then, when last month Tony Perkins, president of the rabid right-wing, so-called Family Research Council - whom some might call a Biblical literalist - asserted on CNN's "Belief Blog" that Jesus was a free market capitalist who would condemn the Occupy movement.
More important, literalists who have been attracted to originalism-including those whose attraction is instrumental--might want to take a closer look at the approach and its positivistic character before giving an unqualified endorsement to a theory that could just as well produce results anathema to their most deeply held (and biblically ordained) beliefs.
Modernist Muslims have provided neither leadership nor a critical mass to change the community, while mistakenly dismissing literalists as being of no consequence.
Of course, there is another side to Islamism: Islam, like Christianity, has witnessed, from the outset, a struggle between a narrow, literalist and intolerant interpretation in opposition to the intellectual tradition grounded in philosophy and reasoning and in transforming knowledge.
A literalist reading of 2 Kings by William Tyndale and John Foxe, who found parallels between King Josiah and boy King Edward VI, contributed to 200 years of violence in Western Europe, according to Simpson.
The answer, Simpson concludes, is that the "new, immensely demanding, and punishing textual culture marked by literalist impersonality" has pushed all into rigid postures of persecution and masochism (p.
Fundamentalists and biblical literalists, who are never bothered by the contradictions that appear obvious to most critical readers of the Bible, are no doubt very displeased with Sky & Telescope for publishing Adair's article.
The biblical literalists on the Dover board went out and found a supplementary biology textbook published by creationists in Fort Worth.
In a bow to biblical literalists and other sceptics, Nof's group concluded: Whether this happened or not is an issue for religion scholars, archaeologists, anthropologists and believers to decide on.