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This religious-political right-wing coalition has attracted many people who resist and/or are frightened by society's rapid change and who affirm some or all of their literalist religion.
They have to compete with newly established Salafi parties that believe in a strict, literalist Islam, producing a "Tea Party effect" where the center-right is dragged further rightward.
Muslim literalists found this ambiguity, which was recognized and theorized by al-Shad, deeply disturbing, but in retrospect their optimistic insistence on letting the texts speak for themselves seems naive.
I highly recommend it to innovators who are not biblical literalists.
This year, let's keep one resolution - when we talk about religious people, let's never again refer to them as literalists.
That has always been the problem on the part of the literalists.
One can understand the appeal of each of these to biblical literalists, social conservatives and right-wing Christians.
And, indeed, both critics of originalism and literalists who urge originalism as an approach to constitutional interpretation have failed to identify the fundamental differences between the two approaches.
from all walks of life, to raise the flag for humanists and show others that they have more in common with us than with biblical literalists," said Speckhardt.
To the extent that they discuss theology at all, new atheists mostly aim at biblical literalists and make no effort to engage other, more tenable forms of theological reasoning.
But the literalists rejected American identity as irrelevant to their lives.
Unsurprisingly, he had to step around the biblical literalists who ran the Anglicandominated universities.