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The literary allusion that occurs most frequently in BR is spoken by Pinkie himself, first as a vaguely worded sentence in conversation with Rose:
Through quotation and literary allusion Tarabotti accessed the literary canonical and theological authority of Dante's Commedia, especially the Inferno, to authorise her criticism of the practise of forced claustration presented in the Inferno monacale.
In an otherwise helpful discussion of literary allusion, Robert Alter is misleading when he describes Wallace Stevens' "Peter Quince at the Clavier" as alluding to the story in the Apocrypha of Susannah and the Elders (133-34), and Gerard Manley Hopkins's sonnet "Thou art indeed just, Lord" as alluding to the lines in Jeremiah that are its Latin epigraph and are translated in its first three lines (135-39).
Though decidedly not a Puritan nor a satiric portrait of one (as Twelfth Night's Malvolio is), Lucio in the context of the play's topicality might be understood as an instance of what Lisa Jardine has recently termed the "textual residue" of history: an element within a literary work that evokes a specific cultural memory or contemporary association even as, like a literary allusion, it can be used to generate meaning only through a creative reworking of the original point of reference.
As descriptions go, this literary allusion to Robert Louis Stevenson's famous book is probably as good an indication as to the motivations of poison pen letter writers as anything that can be gleaned from psychiatry or criminology.
Her "history," however, is rather a series of interwoven essays on Theocritus and Virgil, sensitively attuned to literary allusion, tipped in the direction of Marvell, but passing, somewhat unexpectedly, through Sidney's Old Arcadia.
Mircea Ivanescu is one of many poets who take the aesthetics of poetry as a central theme, and in "About a Chair" he combines wit, careful thought, and literary allusion in fresh and exciting ways.
And just when you are beginning to get a little breathless Lodge eases the pace with some esoteric literary allusion or a quotation or two from George Eliot, Tolstoy or Henry James.
A literary allusion underlines Bamberg's writerly ambitions: his apparently aimless new style--up to the very end he tries to come to terms with his predicament by writing--goes hand in hand with a fascination for Heimito von Doderer's Die Strudelhofstiege.
For example, in the concluding lines of "Late Lines," wit, punning, and literary allusion perform in the service of a personal statement that echoes Roethke's lyrical repetitions.
Readers will certainly find some familiar elements here, including the literary premise, ample literary allusions, and even a few characters from previous novels.
The writer masterly connects different stories, Jewish legends, myths, literary allusions and keeps up their rhythm.