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The literary allusion that occurs most frequently in BR is spoken by Pinkie himself, first as a vaguely worded sentence in conversation with Rose:
Durrow links The Girl Who Fell from the Sky to a literary tradition of black women writers through the use of direct references and literary allusions to the works of writers such as Toni Morrison, Alice Walker, Zora Neale Hurston and Nella Larsen.
For example, she calls literary allusion in Moses, Man of the Mountain the placement of "cryptic details to associate Moses with this [more egalitarian] Osirian worldview" (124), as if t he "cryptic" and potentially subversive nature of allusion were somehow unique to Hurston's writing.
This may not be the most sophisticated literary allusion I've ever made in my columns, but it seems to me that when Bill Gates tells the judge (and the public on TV), "Do anything you want to Microsoft, but please don't break it into two separate companies," he's saying it like Br'er Rabbit.
The literary allusion was to that same year's best-seller by then-Senator Al Gore, in which he called for "bold and unequivocal action" to combat the threat of global warming.
The extension of this argument to psychiatry's 'use of literary allusion more generally' (p.
14) Their predictability is relevant, given that literary allusion to non-literary texts might seem to breach the decorum of the trope.
It is not just a literary allusion but a game of life.
Whether he is exploring motherhood in Jane Austen, the play of literary allusion in J.
He used the regular techniques of later Roman historiography--rhetoric in his speeches, ethnographical digressions in descriptions and characterizations, along with literary allusion, overabundant metaphor, and much verbal ornament.
Marantz Cohen adds touches of literary allusion, both to Austen's books and, amusingly, to her own, and keeps the narration sunny and bright.
Stung by the literary allusion, Simon refused to turn up the volume on the hysteria control.