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I saw a space in the literary magazine market that gave precedence to postgraduate work, so I decided to angle it towards that," he said.
Paper Dreams is not the last word on literary magazines, but it is a thorough discussion of the history, the transformation in print and online, and the significance of what I.
Sylvester majored in English and was manager and senior consultant of the English Club and editor and editor in chief of the campus literary magazine.
This year, it was the Southern literary magazine published on campus and the Conway university's chief of staff.
When I quit my high-tech jobs 11 years ago to start a literary magazine, I'm not sure if I was brave or at my wit's end.
He was in many years director and editor of literary magazine Today and also board member of Swedish PEN and Vice President/ General Secretary of Independent Chinese PEN.
The Florida-based literary activist is also the editor and publisher of the online literary magazine Big Bridge, www.
L N MALLICK DOHA THE Bazme Urdu Qatar (BUQ) released a special edition of its literary magazine, Khayal-o-Fun, during a function at Urdu Khaima in Bin Omran area recently.
The Improbable First Century of Cosmopolitan Magazine provides a fine cultural review of Cosmopolitan magazine and its many incarnations, considering how it's changed its image over the decades and how it has moved from its initial appearance as a family literary magazine that published quality fiction in 1886 to its move into expose journalism in 1905 and a 1960s businessman's vision for yet another dramatic facelift in the 1960s.
She has been published in the Kenyon Review, the New Mexico Poetry Review, the Hollins University student literary magazine, and Greenville Magazine.
ISLAMABAD, October 22, 2010 (Frontier Star): Worlds greatest literary magazine, De Morgen, dedicated its latest issue to writers in Pakistan.