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He produces literary novels that typically alternate with the Zen mysteries.
Speaking about his success, Anthony said: "I wanted to write a literary novel with a Black Country setting, to reflect the unique local identity.
The Hollywood novel comes in several forms, with its earliest incarnation coming in the form of the literary novel, in which authors like Nathanael West (1939's ``The Day of the Locust'') and F.
A starkly literary novel, gripping, ferocious and real.
A Son Called Gabriel' will be CDS Books' first literary novel, and was chosen after CDS employees fell in love with the manuscript, according to a CDS publicist.
This is a literary novel in style, and is finely written.
Focusing on the meaning of fiction, it has about 250,000 copies in print in America alone - a remarkable total for a literary novel published during difficult economic times.
It's too early in the process to discuss, but it will be a literary novel.
This is based on an 18th century literary novel and is produced by Moore herself in an attempt to change her sexy image.
10, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Is it possible to write a well-crafted, complex, meaningful literary novel that's also a page-turner and commercial success-even a blockbuster?
The Other Girl is a bare, slim, literary novel written in a minimalistic style and telling the story of a conversation.
The core of this hugely accomplished, landmark of a literary novel resides in San Francisco's punk scene.