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WHY ARE MODERN LITERARY novels so earnest, so praise-worthy, so serious, and in the words of novelist Julian Gough, "so bloody dull"?
He produces literary novels that typically alternate with the Zen mysteries.
But all those reasons to be cheerful are set against a backdrop of real anxiety about the future of the literary novel.
In other words, for Ganguly, the modern world literary novel has its own unique agency to intervene in what she terms the "collective sensorium of violence unleashed by the deathworlds of our time" (86).
Yorker Keith's Remembrance of Blue Roses is a slow-burning, passionate literary novel that speaks to the romantic in all of us.
As a literary novel of both suspense and emotion, this flashback-filled murder mystery has broad appeal.
Eve White Literary Agency announced on Wednesday that the world English language rights to debut literary novel, River of Ink by Paul Cooper have been acquired by Bloomsbury.
The result is a compelling literary novel based on a powerful figure but filled with an addictive exploration of romance, tragedy, and heartache.
The Kabbalist" is a strong pick for any literary novel collection that draws on religious themes.
Telegraph Avenue will probably be the most-discussed literary novel of the fallthe kind of book for which a cover review in the New York Times Book Review is a formality.
David Foster Wallace's "The Pale King," the year's most awaited and complicated literary novel, has renewed a very old debate.
Set in the 1960s, as the young nation of Israel inches toward the Six-Day War with Egypt and Syria, this adaptation of David Grossman's interior monologue-laden literary novel nabbed the feature kudo at the Jerusalem fest.