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LITRE. A French measure of capacity. It is of the size of a decimetre, or one-tenth part of a cubic metre. It is equal to 61.028 cubic inches. Vide Measure.

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Some 2,493 liters including 600 liters from Tando Allahyar district, 553 liters from Tando Mohammad Khan district and 465 liters from Hyderabad district, among others, were recovered.
9 million liters of gasoline during the week down by 8.
Bassil repeated that the government collects more than LL12,500 from every 20 liters of gasoline.
Now that you know how many liters a balloon holds, you can calculate how many balloons you will need to lift any object.
It said Tokyo residents used an average of 249 liters of water a day in fiscal 1998, up 11.
How many liters of water did Poe drink during his hike?
Let's practice measuring in liters the way they do.
Its new servo-driven USP-12 (12-cavity) machine produces bottles of up to 3 liters with neck diam.
Consumption of beer is expected to expand to 23 liters per-capita globally by 2005, while wine is likely to decline to 3.
Now convert volume into liters: (answer in Step 3) / 1,000 (Reason: 1,000 cubic cm is equal to 1 liter.
According to APT president Rao Murukurthy, these systems have an easily adjustable preform-stretching system that accommodates bottle sizes up to 2 liters with a maximum 105-mm diam.