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Little time you'll be a baby, Little hair all soft and curled, Little wonder that we love you, Little child you're our world.
And as there's something inherently funny about camp sites (as the Carry On crew proved in the late 1960s), perhaps little wonder that was used as the setting for the first episode in the new series.
The format is as safe as houses: three comic guests, a host and a few rib-tickling questions have worked with for the revamped Room 101 and The Matt Lucas Awards, so little wonder this series adheres to the "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" mantra.
Little Wonder records, paired with Bubble Books for children, were a popular but dispute-ridden marketing experiment in the 1910s.
Little wonder, then, that songs such as Sunshine could have come straight off the old Hi-Fi Serious set.
SHE'S been on the road for what seems like years - so it's little wonder some of Beyonce's outfits are wearing away.
Is it little wonder the unions are plotting to try and force the Government to act with a little more haste on this vital matter?
It's little wonder women seldom seem to be the ones that are first to complain when the bill drops through the letterbox.
Little wonder that the public hold politicians in such low esteem.
It's little wonder so many of our hard-working teenagers feel their efforts are for nothing because all people seem to do is pour scorn on their years of study by saying the exams have got easier.
Is it little wonder that MPs are held in such low regard by the public when you consider their voting yesterday on their pay and perks package.
Now, though, he is celebrating his first birthday at home and it is little wonder his devoted parents want to thank everyone at the hospital who fought with him to help him hold onto precious life.