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Stuart Little 2" is slated for release in summer 2002.
A graduate of Cal Arts' character animation program, Minkoff began his career as an animator contributing to character design and story development on such animated features as The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast.
Columbia Pictures' Stuart Little motion picture, starring Geena Davis and the voice of Michael J.
From Rob Minkoff, co-director of "The Lion King," comes the comedy adventure "Stuart Little," based on the classic book by beloved American author E.
For over 50 years, the story of Stuart Little has been a treasured part in the lives of so many people, young and old," said Peter Dang, executive vice president of licensing, merchandising and consumer products for Sony Signatures.
A little bunny asks what his mother would do were he to run away.
For girls seeking a more interactive experience with Pinkie Pie and friends, THQ recently released MY LITTLE PONY: THE RUNAWAY RAINBOW for the PC Windows and GameBoy Advance platforms.
Parents and little ones will love celebrating the holidays together with Baby Santa's Music Box DVD, a playful introduction to holiday festivities.
Fall 2006 will be an exciting time for little girls who are devoted MY LITTLE PONY fans with the debut of MY LITTLE PONY: THE WORLD'S BIGGEST TEA PARTY live stage show.
We are very excited to work with VEE Corporation, the leader in live family shows, to bring the hugely popular MY LITTLE PONY characters to life on the big stage for little girls across the country," said Jane Ritson-Parsons, president of Hasbro Properties Group.
Continuing to be a leader in innovation, Little Sioux has requested Veridium's assistance in upgrading its processes.
On November 21, 2005, Little Squaw and RAB-Special signed the agreement for the issuance of 6% Convertible Debentures in the principal amount of US$1,000,000 (the "Debentures") and 2,500,000 Class A Warrants (the "Warrants") to RAB-Special.