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Dubai: A woman, who posted a live chat on Instagram in which she threatened to kill a businesswoman and destroy her restaurant, was handed a three-month suspended imprisonment on Wednesday.
Joanna Swash, MD of Moneypenny, said: "The growth opportunities that Live Chat and other digital forms of communication will give to us here is just incredible.
We see interest from a range of businesses and organisations who are looking for ways to engage with visitors to a website on a one-to-one basis but don't necessarily have the traffic or internal resources to man Live Chat operations 85 hours a week.
Without even realising, many customers will have interacted with chatbots on customer service calls or live chat applications.
According to the primary ruling, the device, which the defendant had used to broadcast a live chat on Instagram, will be confiscated.
2017 smartphones, along with the live chat, will oversee a number support
GAC's new feature "delivers live chat support and fulfilment that goes further to display the customer-centric outlook of the GAC team", Domasco has said in a press statement.
Live Chat has been running for almost two years and nearly 40,000 chats have taken place, but the service has now expanded its availability.
announces has acquired New York-based HeyBubble Inc, a provider of web live chat software, the company said.
Global Banking News-April 13, 2015--Turk Ekonomi Bankasi to offer live chat on mobile banking
We are considering adding a live chat service as part of a new website redesign.
The award reflects the quality of the 24/7 live chat service that Primera offers to customers around the world through the LiveHelpNow service.