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Banckle Live Chat is your Free online chat & customer support solution.
Virtual agents are a powerful complement to Moxie Software s Chat Spaces providing customers a seamless online experience from virtual to a live chat support, said Nikhil Govindaraj, Moxie s vice president of products.
uk/) has launched an online live chat service, providing struggling consumers with another means of obtaining assistance.
Before, Comm100 Live Chat had two editions: professional and enterprise.
The setup's simplicity means new users can get the live chat up and running in a few minutes," he said.
Proactive features of Live Chat give Technical Support Specialist's the ability to initiate a session with a visitor, identify their browser and operating system, and co-browse or re-direct to allow for quick troubleshooting and issue resolution.
Comm100 Live Chat is a proven live chat support solution that's embraced by over 100,000 users.
With passport enquiries, the service is expected to deal and will be the 1st deployment of a paid-for live chat service of its kind.
Mioot Live chat has launched one more new feature called "Chat Sharing" in the award winning live chat software which will enable the supervisors or Manager to monitor a live chat session.
The launch of Anastasia's new Live Chat service on Saturday, September 19 sets the table for a popular and lively opening day for a flood of dating hopefuls.
But live chat - now about 15 years old - has difficulty keeping up in both worlds.
Comm100 Live Chat is an award-winning live chat support solution for businesses or organizations to engage their website visitors in real time.