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Website Manager is provided to add the websites on which Live Help need to be provided.
Edmunds welcomes all car-shopping questions on its free Live Help Line at 1-855-782-4711 and help@edmunds.
MotoSport, a multichannel retailer serving motorcycling enthusiasts, deploys the Art Technology Group (ATG) live help click-to-call and click-to-chat applications.
It's exciting to join a business with the type of market validation Vee24 is achieving in both bringing on new clients and in delivering the ROI that is causing existing clients to radically expand their use of Vee24 live help services" says DiBartolomeo.
In its annual index, e-commerce publisher names ATG the top e-commerce platform and personalization vendor; and one of the top providers of live help services
This study underscores that a best-in-class, integrated Live Help solution deployed with proactive rules and integrated analytics has moved from 'nice to have' to 'must have' for any and every e-commerce site.
com's free Live Help service, which provides advice to people around the country as they shop for a vehicle.
ATG's platform-neutral optimization solutions for live help, lead performance, and product recommendations can be easily added to any Web site to quickly and measurably grow revenue, boost loyalty, and unlock profits and insight.
Web callback systems that allow a CSR to call back a customer who asks for live help while browsing on the web.
A spokesperson for the company said that the Live Visitor Chat option can be used in customer and sales support by either providing live help or inviting them for a chat.
Reading the Bible from the Margins encourages us to think critically about our own social location: how who we are and where we live help shape the way we read and understand the Bible.
99 per month if parents signed up from home, but students who visit the library can use the service free and be connected to a tutor for up to 20 minutes of live help.