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A Courtroom Thriller Journey into the Unknown World of Cryonics" tells the story of Rebecca Adler, a dedicated cryonicist who, for applying this to a live person, faces a murder charge, despite claiming her alleged victim was willing, and is only suspended in animation, not dead.
Local health departments improve their response times when phone callers can reach a live person at all times, found a study in the September issue of AJPH.
Often there's a live person making sure nothing gets out of hand.
"If I shot a live person, there's a lot more paper work," House points out.
And no, the writer is not a chemical salesman or manufacturer, as a couple of readers theorized, and is a real, live person to boot.
One feature that EthicsPoint offers--and one which ACFE's Bishop asserts is especially vital--is that a live person be on duty to answer the telephone around the clock.
According to industry experts, if you have never bought travel insurance do it with help from a live person, like travel agent.
He then persuaded a 15-year-old office boy, William Taynton, to sit in front of the camera to become the first live person captured on TV.