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AUDIENCE. A hearing. It is usual for the executive of a country to whom a minister has been sent, to give such minister an audience. And after a minister has been recalled, au audience of leave usually takes place.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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It takes the best tribute acts from around the world (rather than just members of the public who believe they can impersonate a star) and asks them to compete in front of a live studio audience to show who truly is 'better than the real thing.'.
Special celebrity guests join in the fun, with a live studio audience.
Download General election 2017: Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May face TV grilling NNA - Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn faced questions on Brexit and foreign policy from a live studio audience in a special general election programme.
THERESA May and Jeremy Corbyn are to face separate interviews in front of a live studio audience in a joint programme broadcast by Sky News and Channel 4.
The little girl answered Najwa's questions via Helmy, much to the amusement of the live studio audience and her family, who were standing behind the scenes with the talent show's presenters, Raya Abirached and Qusai.
From the 1970s to the early 2000s, Robert Perlow was the go-to warmup comedian on television sets, where he was responsible for keeping the live studio audience engaged and laughing.
Filmed in front of a live studio audience, The Entire Universe will feature comedy, music and dance.
When we shoot 'Bugging Out,' we have the luxury of a live studio audience, so it's like being able to do a stand-up show.
Yet while its brand of laughter-through-the-tears humanism is utterly familiar, that's not to say it bears even a glancing resemblance to real life: The emotional responses elicited here go about as deep as the "awwws" and "ahhhs" of a live studio audience at a network sitcom taping.
If you would like to be a member of the show's live studio audience, or to be a future guest, sponsor or advertiser, please contact