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Unlike outdated tools that frustrate users and slow the buying process, Live Support offers instant voice and video engagement with an expert, allowing them to get the information they need to make a buying decision.
Excellent customer care has always been AMlingua's priority, and now thanks to the Live Support feature, the company's existing and potential customers are just a click away from getting professional assistance on any issues.
The live support feature is an option in which technicians can walk users through questions step-by-step, helping to solve any problems that may come up while using ZwCAD.
On-line resources will be delivered that combine live support, peer mentoring and e-learning.
The new group is organized into five areas of support: Customer Specialists, who provide live support to converters requiring OEM parts; the Retrofit Team, which specializes in expanding existing equipment; the PM Team, which focuses on preventive maintenance; the Certified Technical Team, which is dedicated to installing new equipment and assisting customers with mechanical service should problems arise; and the Advanced Technical & Training Group, which provides converters with educational resources and expertise in a variety of areas.
The solution features targeted software modules to address specific business needs including asset management, live support, mobile and remote software deployment and OS migration.
Teloquent Interchange helps enable businesses to meet customers' demand for personalized, immediate, live support and service.
Live Support Enables Instant Access to Mounting Solutions Experts at www.
com)-- Advanced International Translations (AIT) is celebrating two years of free live support provided to freelance translators and translation agencies worldwide.