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Three dimensional multislice helical computed tomography with the volume rendering technique in the detection of vascular complications after liver transplantation.
These chapters are in general, concise and of great value to all anaesthetists involved in liver transplantation.
The pilot study in patients following liver transplantation - the results of
Data collected during the 3-year study period revealed that systematic use of EDC in select recipients increased patient access to liver transplantation by 77% and reduced mortality before transplantation by more than 50%, compared with use of primarily traditional donor allografts, Ms.
Donor infection and primary nonfunction in liver transplantation.
Hepatitis C is the leading indication for liver transplantation in the US.
This review discusses the patterns and controversies relating to liver transplantation in patients with ALD.
In contrast to GVHD after stem cell transplantation, in which the liver is a frequent target organ of GVHD, in liver transplantation, the bone marrow is infiltrated by donor T cells, leading to severe neutropenia (<100/[micro]l) and eventually with pancytopenia.
Vitamin D and the risk of acute allograft rejection following human liver transplantation.
Open cardiotomy for removal of migrating transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunt stent combined with liver transplantation.
The study assessed the introduction of Certican with reduced exposure tacrolimus administered twice-daily starting one month after liver transplantation versus standard-exposure tacrolimus.
He also said, "Until recently, patients suffering from last stage liver failure had to seek liver transplantation abroad which entails much agony and suffering integral to their treatment journey.