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Households in Yorkshire and Humber and the North West had a shorter wait this month for Income Independence Day, paying off their living costs on 20 May for the month while in London the average Income Independence Day is on 26 May.
8220;Adjusting the living cost amount to align with the CPI supports the government's objective of ensuring that Student visa applicants are financially prepared to live and study in Australia for the duration of their visa,” DIAC, said in a statement.
If living costs keep climbing at current rates, students starting degree courses in October could face annual costs of pounds 13,159 by 2015, predicts the survey.
Students living away from home can apply for living cost loans, these go up to pounds 5,500 a year (pounds 7,675 a year if you're at a London university and living away from your parents' home) Additional financial support may also be available for students with disabilities, children or adult dependants.
The firm said living cost in Chongqing has grown by 12 percent from 2006, which is twice that of Beijing.
A study of Finnish household spending, carried out by the national statistics agency, showed that a third of the income is spent on housing costs and those with the lowest income are spending proportionally more on living costs.
The Living Cost Loan depends on your household income and where you choose to study.
He added that swelling living costs were burdening consumers, and said the incoming government must focus its efforts on reducing the public deficit and on stabilizing debt levels.
TAXPAYERS have spent pounds 656,500 on the living costs of terror suspects subject to control orders since 2005, figures obtained by the Conservatives showed.
The Consumer Credit Counselling Service said "super-inflationary" rises in basic living costs were making it tougher for people who were in debt, leaving many with bankruptcy as the only option.
But the problem is that Medicaid does not cover assisted living costs.