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8220;Adjusting the living cost amount to align with the CPI supports the government's objective of ensuring that Student visa applicants are financially prepared to live and study in Australia for the duration of their visa,” DIAC, said in a statement.
If living costs keep climbing at current rates, students starting degree courses in October could face annual costs of pounds 13,159 by 2015, predicts the survey.
Students living away from home can apply for living cost loans, these go up to pounds 5,500 a year (pounds 7,675 a year if you're at a London university and living away from your parents' home) Additional financial support may also be available for students with disabilities, children or adult dependants.
This may mean that you don't need to take out a Living Cost Loan, or that you can manage with what you earn and an Assembly Learning Grant, if you are eligible.
You may be eligible to receive a partial cancellation of up to pounds 1,500 on your living cost loan, subject to the approval of the National Assembly for Wales * Non-repayable Assembly Learning Grant - A grant is available to help with your living costs such as food, accommodation and travel.
A Warwick University spokeswoman said: "The university is inviting anyone who wishes to donate towards living costs to the recipients of the 20 scholarships we are offering to refugees.
Federal employees and all working people deserve to be compensated fairly for their work, and that includes wages and salaries that at least keep pace with rising living costs.
Chief executive Mike O'Connor said: "Many people are living on the edge of their financial means and even a small reduction in income or increase in living costs can tip them into problem debt.
Katie Schmuecker, the charity's policy and research manager, blamed the stagnant wages and increased living costs for the worsening situation.
The decline could mean workers finally seeing average wages rise faster than living costs.
uk Call: Karen McLauchlan 01642 234651 DIGITALCITY is offering digital entrepreneurs up to PS4,000 to cover living costs while they develop business models.
Barnardo's said: "Research shows that the poorest families have too little money to cover basic weekly living costs - let alone a trip to the beach.