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The living costs in Seoul and Chinese cities have risen by a big span, pushing out Japanese cities.
In addition, student allowance rates and loan living costs maximum will be further adjusted from 1 April 2018 in line with any increase in the CPI.
She added: "We are grateful to any members of the public who offer support towards the refugees' living costs which will be on top of what the university will be providing in education, accommodation and further living costs.
Income Independence Day is the day that living costs have been covered and an average households' monthly income becomes their own to use as they wish for the remainder of the calendar month.
Chief executive Mike O'Connor said: "Many people are living on the edge of their financial means and even a small reduction in income or increase in living costs can tip them into problem debt.
Katie Schmuecker, the charity's policy and research manager, blamed the stagnant wages and increased living costs for the worsening situation.
North East digital entrepreneurs are being encouraged to apply for a fellowship which offers funding towards living costs, mentoring and support.
Barnardo's said: "Research shows that the poorest families have too little money to cover basic weekly living costs - let alone a trip to the beach.
There are a plethora of reasons international students travel to Egypt including low living costs, well-established universities and the country's unique blend of Middle Eastern, African and Mediterranean cultures.
High rise in prices and living cost have pushed the people to find wicked ways to meet their living costs.
The Centre For Research On Social Policy has a working paper which calculates the minimum living costs and applies these to the agreed minimum living standard for various family groups.