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Fruit and vegetable prices had dropped 14% in the last decade and as a result most growers and supermarkets were living dangerously, said Kriel.
Career: Made a string of acclaimed films such as The Janitor and The Year of Living Dangerously, before scoring another blockbuster with Ghostbusters in 1984.
There is a Home and Away special, a documentary looking at the Australian way of life and screenings of films like Young Einstein and The Year Of Living Dangerously starring Mel Gibson.
Posh, despite living dangerously, seemed set to cling to their slender lead secured by Francis Green's first-half opener that took his own tally for the season to three.
Their best friends are junior officers living dangerously in the countryside as advisors to Vietnamese military units.
Our Danger Defense believes in living dangerously, using a minimum coverage and a maximum rush.
If you insist on operating when the lights are flickering or when thunderstorms are in the area, you're living dangerously unless you have protection,' he says.
He won the AFI Award for Best Achievement in Editing for "The Year of Living Dangerously," in 1982, the same award for "Gallipoli" in 1981 and for "Breaker Morant" in 1980.
It was not clear whether the ball had crossed the line, but Africa Cup of Nations champions Nigeria had been living dangerously.
This is an impressive comedy drama from Peter Weir - the man behind such classics as The Year of Living Dangerously and Witness.
I'M breakfasting today in Jakarta, Indonesia, a place that was memorably captured in the film A Year of Living Dangerously.