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The premire of Years of Living Dangerously in Canada, Chile, Mexico, Australia and Spain will be accompanied by an official event to present the series, with the exclusive broadcast of one of the episodes and a forum in which respected journalists, National Geographic special correspondents and representatives of ACCIONA will discuss solutions and examples of how to combat climate change, both in the public and private sectors, through collective and individual commitment.
NICOLAS MASSU, who has been living dangerously on the Gstaad clay this week, should be found out by Swiss Open favourite Gaston Gaudio in their semi-final clash today, writes Adrian Humphries.
IZZY and Paul are living dangerously in Neighbours.
However, as Spurlock gains weight, becomes short-tempered, and begins to lumber his way through life in an elephantine way during his month of living dangerously, you start to worry that he has shortened his life.
Unless yon like living dangerously, you'd better do it prior to firing exercises and every time the recoil system is drained and refilled.
Despair ("Le morte e dolce a chi la vita e amara / Prendi il tuo, terra avara") alternates with piety, and rebellion with gratitude, as when Campanella, always living dangerously, retells in verse the Parable of the Good Samaritan by casting a cardinal as a villain, a "German Lutheran" as the hero (perhaps his printer, Tobias Adami) and -- implicitly -- himself as the victim.
Career: Made a string of acclaimed films such as The Janitor and The Year of Living Dangerously, before scoring another blockbuster with Ghostbusters in 1984.
Posh, despite living dangerously, seemed set to cling to their slender lead secured by Francis Green's first-half opener that took his own tally for the season to three.
del australiano Christopher Koch, retoma cierta vena que ya habia puesto en practica con The Year of Living Dangerously (novela llevada al cine con cierto exito la decada pasada).