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Hydrothermal alteration is pervasive in the phreatomagmatic breccia--both in white carbonate clasts and matrix of the breccia--with an abundance of saponite and lizardite.
They operate a lizardite mine alongside an 80,000-square-foot processing facility located in Matheson about 85 kilometres east of Timmins.
Lizardite is significantly less fibrous than chrysotile.
Deweylite" is thought to be a mixture of clinochrysotile or lizardite and a "talc-like mineral" (Roberts et al.
Hedmanite, however, rests in our ore bodies proximate to the Matheson crushing facility and, as a lizardite, possesses naturally occurring fibre amenable to a fine crushing for varied industrial uses.
The Company is the only producer of a natural lizardite serpentine powder used in many applications as a heat-resistant filler.
Lizardite, a serpentine group mineral, was identified (by the obsolete term "ortho-antigorite") as a gangue mineral by Williams (1958).