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In conclusion, we advise a reduced digoxin loading dose in critically ill patients with reduced muscle mass taking medications with known interactions with digoxin.
A practical loading dose method for converting schizophrenic patients from oral to depot haloperidol therapy.
(7) investigated whether LS was effective or not for patients with a low output after cardiac surgery, by administering a loading dose of 12 [micro]g-1 kg in 10 min followed by a continuous infusion dose of 0.1 [micro][g.sup.-1] [kg.sup.-1] min for a period of 12 hours.
The authors' use of a loading dose of ferric gluconate when weekly Epoetin exceeded 18,000 units, serum ferritin was less than 1,500 ng/mL, and TSAT was less than 300/0 significantly increased Hb and TSAT, lowered Epoetin doses, and did not significantly increase serum ferritin.
High clopidogrel loading dose during coronary stenting: effects on drug response and interindividual variability.
The mean (SD) volume of loading doses was 5.28 (2.74) mL and maintenance doses were 4.32 (1.89) mL except in four patients.
Patients receiving 75 mg to 150 mg of clopidogrel on the day prior to the procedure or the morning of the procedure were classified as the Low Loading Dose Clopidogrel group (LLDC).
* To load phenytoin initially or to add a supplemental load, use this formula: for each [micro]g/mL desired increase in the phenytoin serum level, increase the loading dose by 0.75 mg/kg (C).
A loading dose, as the name implies, is a larger first dose of a medicine.
* Quinidine gluconate for malaria is administered as an initial intravenous loading dose of 10 mg/kg salt (equivalent to 6.25 mg/kg quinidine base) infused over 1-2 hours.
The recommended loading dose of fosphenytoin is 15-20 mg PE/kg IV in the treatment of status epilepticus.
Patients randomized to the INVEGA SUSTENNA treatment group were initiated using a loading dose of INVEGA SUSTENNA followed by INVEGA SUSTENNA every month.