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Some of them kinds of loafers never has a cent in the world, nor a chaw of tobacco of their own.
All the loafers looked glad; I reckoned they was used to having fun out of Boggs.
As a loafer I shall never be original, as I take it that you are.
I went in the shape of a loafer to Sir George's house, managed to pick up an acquaintance with his valet, learned that his master had cut his head the night before, and, finally, at the expense of six shillings, made all sure by buying a pair of his cast-off shoes.
It only means that another lot of lazy loafers will make a good thing out of the working classes.
Yes, that God gives to those who take trouble, but not to loafers, lie-abeds, or fools.
And then she's hired them drunken loafers, three of the worst scoundrels that ever disgraced the Solomons--fifteen quid a month each--what d'ye think of that?
Isaacs will be shouting 'genius' to his loafers at the bar.
THE LOAFER PS58, Office This season, the classic loafer makes a welcome return.
The collection presents some of Maison Kitsune's wardrobe essentials reinterpreted for Mr Porter as well as new exclusive designs: for example, the bicolour leather loafer - part of our first footwear collection to be launched on May 2nd - has been created in an exclusive navy and cream colour way; the chambray shirt with a little fox head embroidery is something we never did before.
Possibly the girliest loafer ever but very pretty, were PS79, now PS29, Kurt Geiger