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In 2006, the company reviewed 423 loan origination requests compared with 381 in 2005.
Our products include an Internet-based financial aid delivery and management system, an Internet-based loan origination system and a centralized disbursement agent service.
As the vast majority of loan origination costs at issue for financial institutions fall into the above categories, the proposed regulations would allow a current deduction for these costs.
GFS), a leader in enterprise loan origination system technology, and Mavent Inc.
Davis, the company reviewed 38 loan origination requests in September totaling $221.
In PNC, the IRS argued that loan origination costs should be capitalized, because they were incurred in connection with the creation of separate and distinct assets (the loam the bank made).
During the first quarter of 1993, the company began incurring expenses in connection with the opening of the new mortgage loan origination offices.
As the lead of the group that supported the loan origination system of the Indirect Lending Group, he was responsible for establishing strategies to maximize the return on investment (ROI) and operational efficiency of BB&T's loan origination software.
PNC Real Estate Finance has already made tremendous strides in integrating technology into its business, so using Bluewire to streamline our commercial real estate loan origination process is a natural fit," said Scott Bassin, senior vice president of PNC Real Estate Finance.
The court determined that loan operations were the primary source of income for the banks and the loan origination expenses were normal and routine "in the particular business" of banking.
The company's Decision Management, Enterprise Rules Management (ERM), Loan Origination and Portal solutions utilize a service-oriented approach to deliver loosely coupled applications and flexible solutions, enabling clients to gain competitive advantages, reduce costs, mitigate risk, increase profitability, comply with regulatory requirements and swiftly enter new markets.