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It is the right of the rich people to support lobby groups. But we know, it's the same lobby groups who have successfully lobbied the Office of the Prosecutor to proceed also, at least with the preliminary examination," he said.
Oil industry lobby group Europia, supported by Vittorio Prodi (ALDE, Italy), argued that other uses of biomass might be better for the environment.
Finnish information technology lobby groups TTK and the Finnish Federation for Communications and Teleinformatics (FiCom) have reportedly suggested that the government allow tax write-offs on computer and Internet account expenses.
At a seminar hosted by Beauchamps Solicitors, economist Moore McDowell and law partner Gary Rice highlighted the challenges faced by lobby groups in a changed national and pan-European environment.
The project will also document the IP experience of the Kenyan gender lobby group during the PRSP process in Kenya to bring out challenges that will be shared with wider gender and macroeconomics lobby groups in Africa.
We can compare this conjecture to one where lobby groups are perfectly coordinated, by perhaps a planner, and determine optimal contributions for the group as a whole which is then divided across all individual members.
TWO leading lobby groups have signed an agreement to protect and further the interests of rural businesses.
The criticism triggered a meeting between company officials and representatives from several gay lobby groups November 9, during which AOL emphasized its policies against hateful language.
While US lobby groups, American Trial Lawyers Association (ATLA) and the IT industry have fought and haggled about liability in the aftermath of the millennium bug, the rest of the world appears to have been oblivious to the consequences of the date change.
In the model used, the pollution tax policy choice of the government is influenced by industry and environmental lobby groups. The lobby groups offer the government prospective political contributions, the size of which corresponds to the pollution tax policy selected (see Bernheim and Whinston [1986] for the original model and Grossman and Helpman [1994], Fredriksson [1997, 1998], Schleich [1997], and Aidt [1998] for applications).
In 1991, lobby groups weren't too pleased with House of Commons rule changes, which they said could jeopardize their ability to fight government bills.
He suggested that department stores have been losing fur sales because they cannot offer the same personalized attention and expertise that independent furriers can, not because of pressure from the anti-fur lobby groups.